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Fenovani xachapuri

Xachapuri (Khachapuri) ხაჭაპური is Georgia’s national dish, most popular, and a staple of Georgian table “Supra”. The name is made of two words xacho–ხაჭო(ricotta cheese) and Puri–პური (bread). Basically it is similar to white double crust pizza and cheese calzone, dough of Xachapuri is much softer and has a rich taste. Most people fall in love with Xachapuri from the very first time they eat it. Different regions of Georgia have their own type of khachapuri for example: “Imeruli–იმერული,” “ Acharuli–აჭარული”, “Rachuli–რაჭული”( Penovani–ფენოვანი) “osuri–ოსური” and “megruli–მეგრული”. Traditionally they are made of variety of cheeses or just one kind of cheese, egg and flour.

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