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walnut  (Köme,Pestil,Sucuk,Soutzouki) Set of 5  ჩურჩხელა თეთრი ვარდის წყლით


walnut (Köme,Pestil,Sucuk,Soutzouki) Set of 5 ჩურჩხელა თეთრი ვარდის წყლით

Set of 5. The main ingredients are white grape juice (must), Walnut, rose water, flour. Walnuts are threaded onto a string, dipped in thickened grape juice flavored with rose water and dried in the shape of a sausage. Length 9 inch.

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walnut cevizli sucuk Set of-5

Köme, Orcik, Pestil, Cevizli, Sucuk, Soutzoukos, Soutzouki, σουτζούκι
In Turkish it is called pestil cevizli, sucuk, köme,orcik.
In Greek its name is soutzoukos (Greek: σουτζούκος), soutzouki (Greek: σουτζούκι).
In Armenia kaghtsr sujukh (Armenian: քաղցր սուջուխ).
are traditional sausage-shaped candies
It is a sweet snack which has been made in villages of Caucasus and east Mediterranean regions for generations. The basic way of making is the same with many little regional variations such as adding molasses, corn starch, rose water… etc
Here we offer product following my basic recipe that consist of 100% natural ingredients: white grape juice, flour, nuts and flavored with rose water. It is a general all-purpose recipe.

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Weight 16 oz oz
Dimensions 9 × 1 in


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