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Dried Persimmon 1LB ხურმის–კარალიოკის ჩირი 1 LB


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Dried Persimmon 1LB ხურმის–კარალიოკის ჩირი 1 LB

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Dried Persimmon 1LB



Majority of people known persimmon many years ago but many of us still don’t know where this useful and delicious fruit tree came from. Here is the History where and how it came to USA land.

The Persimmon tree wear introduced in Caucasus region back to 1896, 41 years later then USA.It was only 12 trees brought to plant and it’s been Georgian very popular and delicious fruit since now. Its Latin name is “Food of Gods” 2-3 Persimmon can satisfy hungry person ,it contains almost the same nutritional fact like Fig or grape, Persimmon is sweet fruit and helpful people who has hart problems, beside that it contain Calium, Magnum, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other elements ,help you to urinate more to clean your kinds. Scientifically The persimmon has many antioxidants than any other citruses, It has more Beta Carotene (Vitamin A) then in Carrot and last it is rich with Iodine. Persimmon can be server Row, Ripe or Dried.

Georgian Version of Drayed Persimmon

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