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We take pride in two things above all others: offering only the best gourmet foods, and outstanding customer service. We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us with your feedback. Here’s what some of our happy customers have to say about us:



  • Timofey Gorlov

    This review is from: Walnut Churchxela, Churchkhela Home Made 5 Pack (Misc.)
    It’s really fantastic snack and it’s completely all natural not like all other chemical super sweet candies. I hope they will expand their choice with other nuts and juices.

  • Charlotte Bronte "Winter Cherry"

    I liked it a lot and that is why it was gone the next day…I wish there was more! Very yummy :)
    Walnut Churchxela, Churchkhela Home Made 5 Pack (Misc.)

  • Chris

    We got these for my father-in-law who is from T’bilisi, Republic of Georgia. He loved them. My only complaint is that they weren’t bought from a street vendor on Rustaveli. Walnut Churchxela, Churchkhela Home Made 5 Pack (Misc.)

  • s***m


  • o***m

    Super fast shipping! Super DELICIOUS! Thank you so much!
    Churchxela Georgian Hazelnut Churchkhela set of 5

  • s***l

    Georgian Churchxela Walnut Churchkhela set of 5

  • Tamar,

    Your churchkhelas remind me of my childhood. Quality is superb. and now
    my kids love them as well. We have a ski trip coming up (Jan. 29th-31st)
    and I hope to take these churchkhelas with us. They are awesome for kids
    as a snack. That being said, to me, personally, they remind of my
    childhood. Very, very much.

    Thank you!

    Ivan Morozov

  • David Metreveli

    ქალბატონო თამარა!

    ძალიან დიდი მადლობა ჩურჩხელებისათვის და ვაშლის ტყლაპისთვის. ძალიან გემრიელია. ამდენი წელი აღარ გვიჭამია.

    ჩვენი კიდევ ერთი ნატვრაა ტყემლის ტყლაპი. რეგულარულად ვიყიდით ხოლმე თუ თქვენ მოგვაწვდით ხოლმე ევერეთში, ვაშინგტონის შტატში. თვენ ჩვენი ბოლო იმედი ხართ ։-)


    დათო და მანანა მეტრეველები

    Sent from David Metreveli’s iPad

    • დავით
      ძალიან დიდი მადლობა ასეთი სასიამოვნო კომენტარისთვის,გვიხარია რომ ჩვენი კლიენტები კმაყოფილნი არიან ჩვენი ნახელავით.
      დავით თქვენი მოთხოვნა შესრულებულია… შეგიძლიათ იხილოტთ ვაშლის ტყლაპი აქ სულ მალე გვექნება სხვადასხვა სახეობის ტყლაპი ჩვენს საითზე და შეგიძლიათ კიდევ გვესტუმროთ.

  • Lisa Greenburg

    Dear Tamara,

    Thanks for you I was able to get churchxelas in America. I loved both of them, hazelnuts and walnuts. They were delicious and out of this world. It reminded me of those times when I was growing up in Tbilisi.

    I am your loyal and satisfied customer. I hope to see new products on your website. I am looking forward to it.

  • Elisa

    I received an order of the walnut and hazelnut churchkhelas for Mother’s Day, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with them! I only knew about them because my husband brought me some from a trip he took to Georgia. These are truly a high quality delight, and I can’t wait to try the other foods offered from this vendor!

  • Marina

    Hello Tamara!

    Love your wallnut sujukhs! They remind me of my childhood as well. My favorites are the light color ones. They are much sweeter and less stringier than the dark one for some reason. I wish I can eat them everyday, and will be ordering them on regular basis. Thanks for bringing my nice childhood memories back to US!

  • Alena

    The best natural energy bar ever..

    Tastes just like I remember it from my childhood! Thank you so much! I missed this taste for many years. One thing I could not find in this country. Now you brought it back!
    Love it!

  • Tanya

    Very tasty! Both kinds – the one with the red grape juice and the one with the white – are excellent.

  • zurab

    Very good stuff here! Churchxela’s are really good – and healthier than other american snacks! Thank you for bringing this to the US! Please keep it up and thank you!

  • Giorgi Gagiev

    დიდი მადლობა გემრიელი (ვიზუალურადაც ლამაზი) ჩურჩხელებისთვის და სწრაფი მოწოდებისთვის.


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